GH110 Rice Harvester

GH110 Rubber Crawler Self-propelling Half-feeding Combine Rice Harvester Gookma GH110 Rubber Crawler Self-propelling Half-feeding Combine Rice Harvester is a high tech product with independent intellectual property. The harvester has more than 10 technical patents including 3 invention patents. Its operating principle and structural formation are ingenious. It has obvious advantages in the lightness, flexibility and cost performance, is the rice harvester that most suitable for generalization currently.

Products Details


Name Half-feeding Combine Rice Harvester
Model GH110
 Structure form Crawler self-propelling


Model ZH1110/ZS1110/H20
Type Single-cylinder four-stroke horizontal water-cooled (Condenser cooled engine optional)
Power 14.7KW
Speed 2200 rpm
Overall dimension in operating status(L*W*H) 2590*1330*2010mm (102*52*79in)
Weight 950kg  (2094lb)
Width of cutting table 1100mm (43in)
Feeding quantity 1.0kg/s  (4.4lb/s)
Minimum ground clearance 172mm  (6.8in)
Theoretical operating speed 1.6-2.8km/h  (3250-9200ft/h)
Mud depth ≦200mm  (7.9in)
Total loss ≦2.5%
Sundries ≦1% (with wind selection)
Breakage ≦0.3%
Hourly production 0.08-0.15ha/h
Fuel consumption 12-20kg/ha  (26-44lb/ha)
Type of cutter Reciprocating type

Thresher drum

Quantity 2
Main drum type Stripping belt
Main drum dimension (perimeter*width) 1397*725mm  (55*29in)
Type of concave screen Grid type


Type Centrifugal
Diameter 250
Quantity 1


Specification(pitch number*pitch*width) 32*80*280mm (32*3.2*11in)
Gauge 610mm  (24in)
Transmission type Mechanical
Brake type Internal jaw
Re-thresher type Axial flow spiked
Grain collecting type Manual grain collecting

Technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.

● Agile Mobility

● Small Size for Working in Small Fields

● Half Feeding, Keeps Straws

● Feeding Quantity:1.0kg/s (4.4lb/s)

● Production Capacity: 0.08-0.15ha/h


GH110 Half-feeding Combine Rice Harvester

Features and Advantages:

1.Gookma GH110 half feeding combine rice harvester is a national major support project of agricultural machinery.

2.The machine is of low-cut stubble,flexible in field operating, 


3.It’s small size, light weight, easy in travel control, flexible in turning. It’s simple in disassembling and convenient for maintenance. 

4.It can be operated in both dry fields and paddy fields, suitable for harvesting in plain areas and in hilly areas.


5.It’s of compact structure, threshes in two times. The first threshing integrates threshing and conveying, and the second threshing integrates threshing and sundries removal. The overall threshing effect is good.


6.It’s of Low fuel consumption and high working efficiency.

7.The machine keeps straws  for recycling applications.


Application Cases

Gookma small half feeding combine rice harvester is suitable for both family use and for small business purpose, it has been selling well and very popular in both domestic and overseas market, and has been enjoying high reputation among customers. 

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